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March 18, 2021
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March 18, 2021

GooGoodness Live Rosin


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Our Live Rosin is essential for those of you who want the full effect of cannabis.

Our Live Rosin is derived directly from cured hash without using any solvents. The result is a high-quality concentrate that has our customers raving, especially if they are in love with concentrates. Because of its high terpene profiles, our product is known to be fresh and bold, and most users claim it’s all they use exclusively instead of shatter or wax due to its quality and potency.

You can experience some of the most purest flavours along with the finest cannabis found on the market with our Live Rosin. This sticky, waxy substance that is yellowish in color is best consumed by vaping or dabbing it. You may also consume it by sprinkling some in your joints or in your bowl.

When using Live Resin, be sure to not consume it at too high of a temperature as you may ruin its flavour or smell. Keep it in a cool environment as its consistency may melt or lose its shape in higher temperatures. You may find it’s easiest to store in your refrigerator in a silicon-type container to prevent it from sticking to other surfaces.

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