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March 18, 2021
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March 18, 2021

GooGoodness CBD Paw Balm


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If you’re like us, we know you only want the best for your dogs, especially when it comes to their health. We created our CBD Paw Balm exclusively for dogs to help keep their snout, paws, and elbows soft, nourished, and hydrated for optimal health. Their paws are in constant use whether at rest, play, or work, so it’s essential to find a solution that offers comfort and protection under any circumstance.

Made with high-quality CBD oil, our natural paw moisturizer for dogs is tested and certified as safe for your pets. We don’t include any unwanted substances or harsh chemicals so that your pet will experience relief and protection from extreme weather or conditions without any side effects.

Our CBD Paw Balm comes in a convenient container, making it easy to take along with you and your pet to your favorite destinations. Its natural ingredients are safe, even if your furry best friend is known for licking his or her paws.

Like all our other CBD products, our paw balm is regularly tested to ensure quality and safety. All of our CBD products are tested to be THC-free (no THC detectable) and are extracted from high-quality hemp. Our CBD Paw Balm is ideal for moisturizing paws, noses, or any other dry, itchy spots.

To use our CBD Paw Balm, apply it generously to the affected spot and massage it in until fully absorbed. It can be used daily as needed and the amount used can be gradually increased whenever necessary. Store the product at room temperature and away from any direct sunlight. The product should not be applied to broken skin.

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